Food Insecurity Spotlighted in Donation of Turkeys for Seniors

The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation’s recent celebration of National Community Foundation Week spotlighted the growing concern of food insecurity in Bergen County. Food insecurity, defined as the limited or uncertain access to nutritional food, escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic in the region.

Food Insecurity Increases

A Bergen County Food Security Task Force’s survey found over 80 emergency providers in the County saw a 50 percent increase in consumers since March 2020.  Some experienced more than a 200 percent increase.   They also found over 20,000 people rely on donated food weekly in Bergen County.

The NNJCF donated turkeys to Tri-Arc Community Development Corporation to help seniors in the area. Christ Episcopal Church in Teaneck distributed the turkeys through its giveaway program. During the pandemic, the church repurposed the sanctuary and other areas to sort and store food donated by the public to help residents experiencing hardships in the area.

Randy Glover (left) and Reverend Michelle White (far right) received a donation of turkeys from the Foundation's Executive Director, Mary Call Blanusa.

Randy Glover (left) and Reverend Michelle White (far right) received a donation of turkeys from the Foundation’s Executive Director, Mary Call Blanusa.

“During National Community Foundation Week, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation highlighted the serious issue of food insecurity. The Foundation collaborated with community based organizations.  These agencies work on the frontline to provide services.  They ensure food is provided to people who need it,” said Mary Blanusa, Executive Director, Northern New Jersey Community Foundation. “We ask the public to join us now during the holiday season and in the coming year.  Do what they can to help others facing food insecurity in their own communities.”

“We are reaching across all communities and nationalities because hunger does not discriminate. The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation is an important resource to Bergen County and all of its residents. As an organization, which is representative of the Bergen County community, we thank the Foundation from the bottom of our heart,” said Randy Glover, Chairman, Tri-Arc Community Development Corporation.

Donate to a Food Pantry

As food pantries remain in serious need of donations to replenish dwindling supplies, the NNJCF urges the public to help. Monetary donations are especially welcome and may be made to over 76 food pantries throughout Bergen County. A list of emergency food providers in Bergen County with their addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation may be accessed online.

For further information about the NNJCF, call 201-568-5608 or send an e-mail.

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