Community & Public Art

Community & Public Art

Community art and public art are aspects of creative placemaking. They bestow similar benefits in terms of enhancing quality of life, building civic loyalty, and boosting local economies. NNJCF’s ArtsBergen offers a comprehensive range of services in project management for both community and public art projects.

Community art

Community art refers to projects that are inspired and executed by residents themselves. They join each other in creating an art object or event that expresses a particular cause or idea. Fundamental to the concept of community art is that the people who conceive it, produce it. It is a hands-on, collective exercise that reinforces local identity, building residents’ pride and dedication to their community. Residents’ participation in community arts projects fosters civic engagement, increasing the likelihood of their becoming involved in other community and governmental affairs.

Public art

Public art refers to projects that may be conceived by individuals, a group of residents, or local government. The primary difference between it and community art is that public art is executed by commissioned artists rather than being created by community members themselves.

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