The mission of Diaspor’Art is to support artists and humanitarian initiatives that can help with mitigating diaspora, refugee, and immigration issues through art-based events coupled with an educational component.

Diaspor’Art, the Project, is a group of art-loving humanitarians with a passion for global citizenship, justice, and equality.

The Purposes of the Project are:

  • To hold art-centric events Support artists
  • Entertain guests
  • Inform guests about the issues that relate to diasporas
  • Encourage guests to get more involved in activism and also support NGOs through financial contributions
  • Develop lasting connections among our guests/members with the organizations and businesses that support the Diaspor’Art mission
  • Inspire more compassion and understanding for all people, especially those affected by diasporic conditions out of their control

Diaspor’Art is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Visit the Diaspor’Art website to learn more about this organization.