Build Resilient Communities

For nearly 25 years, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation (NNJCF) has worked to build resilient communities. This year, the NNJCF identified needs in our communities and led projects concerning public art, the environment, and food security. In response to these needs, the Foundation collaborated with local leaders and elevated community voices.

Create Public Art

In 2022, the NNJCF’s ArtsBergen initiative undertook several significant public art projects to build resilient communities. Notably, local residents informed the design of a professional mural celebrating Black women in Englewood. This large-scale public mural, ‘The Black Women’s Mural: Celebrating Black Suffragists and Black Women’, was painted by artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh on the Women’s Rights Information Center’s building in Englewood. The mural created a sense of place and belonging, while beautifying the neighborhood. In addition, this project was undertaken in partnership with the NNJCF, the Women’s Club of Englewood, Metro Center, and the Women’s Rights Information Center.

With its partners, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation works to build resilient communities. "The Black Women's Mural Project" was revealed in a special celebration on the Women's Rights Information Center's building in Englewood, New Jersey. Photo credit: Sam Lee

Public art helps to build resilient communities. The ‘Black Women and Black Suffragists’ mural was revealed in a celebration in Englewood, New Jersey. Photo Credit: Sam Lee

Help us continue to build resilient communities through the arts. With your support, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation paves the way to create public art in the region.

A donation of any size covers costs, such as:

  • $25 to provide a can of paint for a public mural,
  • $50 to allow admission for one community workshop participant, and
  • $200 to pay for one artist planning meeting.

Address Stormwater Flooding

Climate change caused increased stormwater flooding throughout the region. In response to northern New Jersey’s vulnerability to climate change, the Foundation worked to build resilient communities through environmental action in the area. Furthermore, the NNJCF’s Climate Action Mobilization Project (CAMP) collaborated with community partners to identify methods to mitigate flooding through the study of green infrastructure, including the use of rain barrels and rain gardens.

During Hurricane Ida, the City of Hackensack experienced how climate change causes increased stormwater flooding. Working together, the Foundation seeks to build resilient communities and mitigate stormwater flooding.

The City of Hackensack experienced the impact of climate change creating increased stormwater flooding. The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation works to build resilient communities and lessen stormwater flooding through environmental action.

You can help us continue to build resilient communities through environmental action.  For example, with your support, look what we accomplish working together to decrease stormwater flooding:

  • $100 provides native plants for a small rain garden, and
  • $150 provides a rain barrel to a low income resident.

Build a Sense of Community

The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation worked with municipal leaders, nonprofits, and business

During National Community Foundation Week, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation highlighted food insecurity in the region and donated frozen turkeys to All Access Community Development Corp. to help people experiencing hardships.

The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation donated frozen turkeys to All Access Community Development Corp. to build resilient communities and address food insecurity in the region.

owners, as well as residents to create more inclusive communities. During National Community Foundation Week and National Philanthropy Day, NNJCF highlighted the escalation of food insecurity in the region.  Working together, we addressed food security, provided a sense of belonging, and activated public spaces. For example, collaborating with All Access Community Development Corporation, the Foundation provided turkeys to distribute to young adults with families, seniors, differently abled, and the unemployed.

Develop Resilient Communities Through Art

The NNJCF’s ArtsBergen also created a sense of community with the arts.  For example, a documentary film,Stories on Main Street: Hackensack Immigrant Business Owners as Placemakers’, highlighted the value of immigrant business owners. Furthermore, award-winning filmmaker Dana Glazer filmed and produced four, five-minute documentaries spotlighting immigrants, who own and run a business on Main Street in Hackensack.  These Hackensack entrepreneurs appeared in the documentary film: Domenico Daniele from Coffee Break, Nelfita Rodas from Colombia Bakery Factory, Yusef Ural from El Turco Grill, and Aida Yungasaca from Colombia Fashion LLC.

During National Arts & Humanities Month, 'The Hacktivator' entertained passersby at SACKtoberfest.

During National Arts & Humanities Month, ‘The Hacktivator’ entertained passersby at SACKtoberfest in Hackensack.

ArtsBergen also developed and managed the Sack Business Alliance’s Summer Busking Street Performance Program in Hackensack. Musicians, dancers, and instrumentalists performed. During National Arts & Humanities Month and Discover Jersey Arts Month, ArtsBergen provided three free storytelling themed events at SACKtoberfest in Downtown Hackensack. These events included the Tile Mural Project, a showing of the ‘Stories on Main Docuseries’, and the return of ‘The Hacktivator’ to entertain the crowd in Hackensack.  Interactive public art brought community members together. coLAB Arts worked with Hackensack-based mural artist, Amrisa Niranjan, to design a mural cut in a number of tiles to create ‘Our Main Street’.

Now, you can make a difference!  Make a financial contribution and help the NNJCF continue this work. For example, a donation of any size supports:

  • $50 a holiday meal to a family in need, and
  • $200 a public performance.

Build Resilient Communities in 2023

With your collaboration and support, we answer the question: “What can we do together that we can’t do alone?”. What can you do? First, join us and get involved. For further information, contact us at or call 201-568-5608 to learn about opportunities.

Second, support the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation’s work! Donate directly online on our website.  The NNJCF also welcomes donations by check.  Make checks out to ‘The Northern NJ Community Foundation’. 
 Send checks to the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation, 1 University Plaza, Suite 128, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601.  Donations to the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation are tax-deductible, as permissible by law. Finally, we thank you for your support and engagement.



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