Response to Hurricane Ida and Call for Climate Action

Response to Hurricane Ida and Call for Climate Action

Northern New Jersey Community Foundation Responds to Ida’s Impact
–Calls for Coordinated Regional Action to Meet Climate Crisis–

The severe flooding brought by Tropical Storm Ida emphasizes climate change must be addressed now. Large scale, coordinated, comprehensive action is needed to build community resiliency, improve regional infrastructure, and rethink land use and development. The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation (NNJCF) calls leaders and residents to develop regional plans for coordinated, collaborative action to optimize our communities’ responses to potential climate disasters.

Regional resilience requires a collective effort. Collaborative planning increases efficiency and effectiveness by coordinating the use of critical resources when and where they are most needed. The NNJCF, experienced in facilitating collaborative, inter-municipal learning, planning, and design, stands ready to help.

The Foundation recommends these actions be taken immediately:
  • Redesign Sewer Systems
  • Invest in Green Infrastructure
  • Engage Community Members to Build Resiliency
  • Rethink Zoning and Land Use


Join the NNJCF to discuss the catastrophic potential of climate change. The Foundation urgently recommends rapid implementation of local and regional climate mitigation and resiliency planning. Starting with the Hackensack River Corridor Development Project, the NNJCF will work with local, county, and state officials and agencies to accelerate the critical work of building a more resilient region.

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