The Daily Arts Dose

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The Daily Arts Dose Campaign

ArtsBergen’s launched “The Daily Arts Dose” social media campaign on May 4, 2020. The campaign lasted two weeks, and involved sharing one artist’s work per day, to give viewers a healthy “daily arts dose” to nourish the soul and boost immunity to boredom, isolation, and seeing those same four walls!

The 14 local artists’ work were posted on the NNJCF/ArtsBergen’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts to inspire joy, humor and contemplation. Viewers were asked to like their favorite artists. The artist that received the most likes was Nick Metz, who was awarded a cash prize.

ARTISTS (in order above)

Nadesh Barrett – “Bubbles”
Hannah Bouchard – “When I’ve Got the Whole World in Front of Me”
Nai-Ni ChenWater Dance
Alda DeLorenzo -“Love: A Summer Place”
Tracy DiTolla -“There’s Nothing to Eat”
Julie Dunic – “Surrendering the Vile”
Emily Gilman Beezley – “Feeding Time”
Jonathan Houssou – “Essential Business”
Ryan HubanWhen Your Phone Rings In Quarantine
Nick Metz – “Meadow”
Doug Rizio – “At the Center of the Supreme Machine”
Poramit ThantapalitMasked Arts
Alexander Tsalikhin –  “Dream”
Kenneth Ziobro – “Guys Night Out”