Donor Advised Funds: Scholarships Spotlighted

Through Donor Advised Funds, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation (NNJCF) helps generous people pursue their charitable goals.  Furthermore, the NNJCF manages several Donor Advised Funds that provide scholarships for college-bound and graduate students.  Learn more about this important source of support.

Donor Advised Funds Award Scholarships

These are some examples of Donor Advised Funds that provide scholarships:

  • The Class of 1964 Ralph Gregg Memorial Scholarship Fund honors Ralph Gregg.  The fund memorialize his qualities of kindness, affability, and generosity, as well as compassion through college scholarships awarded to Leonia High School seniors, who model those traits.
    The Class of 1964 Ralph Gregg Memorial Scholarship Fund is a Northern New Jersey Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

    Student Harry Skountzos (center) received the 2023 award from The Class of 1964 Ralph Gregg Memorial Scholarship Fund’s representatives John Morris (left) and Doug Bauer (right).

  • The Jannie Smith Legacy Fund provides college scholarships to minority high school seniors in Teaneck, who are adversely affected by cancer.
  • The DeAnna Stark Pasciuto Memorial Fund provides a scholarship to a college student pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Stockton University.
  • The Darren Drake Memorial Fund memorializes New Milford High School graduate Darren Drake, who died in a terrorist attack in New York City, with a scholarship award to a high school senior planning to receive training in a trade or technical profession.
  • The Paul Coopersmith in Memory of Frank DeLorenzo Memorial Fund awards a scholarship to a Leonia High School senior.  The student demonstrates talent and ambition as an artist, musician, or writer.  They must also express interest in pursuing a college degree in the arts.

 These Donor Advised Funds make scholarship money available to schools and also higher educational institutions.  Furthermore, the educational institutions select the applicants. Please note: Students, who are in high school, cannot apply directly to the NNJCF for support.  They must apply directly through their high school.  For further information about these and other funds, visit the NNJCF’s donor services page.

Interested in creating a fund to support a cause or community? Learn how to establish a fund.  For further information, contact Associate Director Danielle De Laurentis at or call 201-568-5608, x1.



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