Sacramento BioDigester & ReFuel Station are good examples of what’s possible.

Sacramento BioDigester & ReFuel Station are good examples of what’s possible.

Sent from CleanWorld and Atlas Disposal on the Success of Sacramento BioDigester

BioCNG proud to be part of Sacramento region”s first “Farm to Fork to Fuel” project

Madison, WI – October 7, 2013- BioCNG is proud to congratulate Atlas Disposal and CleanWorld on the success of its new Sacramento BioDigester and ReFuel Station at the Sacramento South Area Transfer Station. The new plant was highlighted at a recent open house held by recycling and waste hauler Atlas Disposal, to celebrate closing the loop with the Sacramento Region”s first Farm to Fork to Fuel project.

The project is the first in the country to turn food waste into renewable natural gas and the new facility has been receiving a tremendous amount of news coverage. Check out this clip from CBS Sacramento news. The Sacramento online casino region is aiming to be a hub for clean technology, taking advantage of its location in the midst of some of the country”s major agricultural resources.

As part of the project, BioCNG assisted best casino bonuses with developing the alternative fuel system that uses about nbso online casino 100 cubic feet per minute of biogas from the food waste digester to produce about 450 diesel gallon equivalents of CNG fuel per day, which Atlas Disposal is using in waste recycling trucks and other vehicles. The Atlas ReFuel Station is the first to dispense renewable natural gas made casino online from organics that were once destined for landfills directly into Atlas, City of Sacramento, and other fleet vehicles.

In a recent article in the online Fleets and Fuels publication, City of Sacramento fleet manager Keith Leech said that the new system will be a driving force for fleets. “The city is able to deploy NGVs without having to build a fueling station, and can more readily urge vehicle operators in sectors other than refuse to move to the renewable fuel.” The City of Sacramento was recently named the No. 1 Government Green Fleet at the Green Fleet Conference in Phoenix. “We now fuel our trucks with renewable fuels made from restaurant waste – hence the term farm to fork to fuel,” Leech said. “We”re pretty proud of that.”

CleanWorld has already decided to expand the BioCNG system to produce even more fuel for the many vehicles looking to use the clean and cost effective alternative fuel, including rear-loader trucks and sweepers.